Helping your team work together, from anywhere

Figuring out how to manage work in a remote landscape can be stressful and confusing. With Hotdesc, navigate these challenges with an all-in-one virtual workplace, staying productive while boosting team energy and effectiveness.

Working Remotely
Real-time Collaboration
Staying Connected

A bad tool distracts from what matters. A good tool augments your thinking.

Breathe Easier

Empower yourself to get the right things done, faster

Centralise Workflow

Easily manage team meetings, discussions, video calls and files with just a few clicks

Deliver More

Keep everyone working together in real-time to make decisions and get results

Work like a boss, from anywhere.

Collaborate, host video meetings with screen share, or schedule future ones with the click of a button

All together, from wherever
Bring HD video and audio for face to face virtual meetings, and see everyone's big smile
In Unison
No longer argue over which conferencing solution to use. Leverage our robust backbone powered by Zoom technology
Improved interactions
Screen share, whiteboard and co-annotate for a more interactive meeting

Easily connect.

Run live or scheduled meetings seamlessly connecting people regardless of their location, offering a centralized collaboration experience

Happy Workforce, Easily Connected
  • Create meetings & invite desired participants
  • Video link and audio dial-in generated automatically, making it simple
Loop Customers in on Relevant Matters

Security & access on the go.

Secure file storage & encryption. Organize further by adding links from Google Doc’s, OneDrive or Dropbox

Protect team and client info (superhero cape optional)
  • Encrypting files to move information forward
  • Use any device to securely access files
A hefty reservoir
  • Lots of team storage - like we said, hefty

Chat and get things done.

Get real-time feedback, decisions and results with group & private chats

Finally, everyone can be together at once
Now tables can help you work as closely with external partners and clients as you do with your remote team
Go ahead, be direct and get things done
Deliver real-time updates and reach your team at the right time
Flip someone an emoji - don't worry they'll love it
Easily call action to specific people with an @mention
Hotdesc has been a huge help in connecting our many committees and planning groups...
We work on many endeavors and brainstorming sessions that is often hard to follow in an email chain. Hotdesc lets us keep it all in one spot, with the benefits of video conferencing. It has increased engagement across out committees, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency in which they do work. We are so lucky to have Hotdesc as a partner.
Amelia Drozda —
Senior Director, Philanthropy, Partnerships and Engagement — Big Shoulders Fund
Hotdesc is our team hub...
It allows us to track our conversations, share documents and conduct video conference meetings all in one place. Other tools we've used in the past require us to step out to collaborate. As we transition from those tools, the visual representation of a team meeting makes sense and makes meetings easier.
Dapo Kalawole
Co-founder & CEO